I’ve finally tried them all! To recap, the Supernova flavor of Mountain Dew is one of  three limited edition flavors released for the summer for people to vote on. The winner, apparently, will join the regular Dew line-up.

This variety, Supernova, is the only non-blue entry in the summer line up. It’s a strange violet color, with a lot of pink in it. I say strange not only because it’s fairly neon for something you’re supposed to ingest, but because I always associate Dew with teenage boys . . . are they really comfortable enough in their manhood to be seen chugging a girly purpley-pink soda?

I doubt it. So, if you’re interested in trying this soda after reading this review, I’d start hunting down a bottle now; odds are, one of the blue flavors will be the only one available after this summer.

Color aside, this flavor consists of “strawberry melon and ginseng”. It’s actually pretty good . . . but then, to be fair, I’ve always had a penchant for strawberry soda. The melon flavor is not really apparent, but a small amount of essence comes through in the afterburn. This soda has some of the classic Mountain Dew acidity, which is fun, but is still far too sweet to be truly refreshing.

And, of course, it failed “The Pepsi Test”. No surprise there – Mountain Dew is a flagship of PepsiCo.

I wouldn’t mind having this again, but it would be few and far between. Sorry to ruin the suspense for you if you haven’t read the other two posts, but my vote is solidly in Voltage’s court.

Rating: ♦♦ of ♦♦♦♦♦.