This new variety of Mountain Dew is one of three limited edition flavors released for the summer for people to vote on. The winner, apparently, will join Code Red in the regular Dew line-up.

In an earlier posting, I reviewed the Voltage flavor of the three – one of the two blue flavors. That one was flavored with raspberry-citrus  and ginseng. This is “wild berry fruit and ginseng”

This blue soda is a paler version of the Voltage flavor, literally and figuratively. In color, it’s just a smidge lighter than Voltage, and perhaps a tint more purple, but basically indistinguishable by appearance alone.

In flavor, this soda has the amorphic “berry” flavor that never truly tastes like any one, or even any mix of, berries found in nature. Kind of like Crunch Berries, only not as tasty. Voltage had a lot more depth in flavor, thanks to the kick of the citric acid. This one is one-note, overly sweet, and just not that interesting or refreshing.

If you’re truly craving a blue beverage, skip the Revolution and get your jolt from the Voltage.

Rating: ♦ of ♦♦♦♦♦.