Artificial banana flavor, thou art my nemesis.

I’ve always been the person who gives away the yellow Runts and Laffy Taffy, because the flavor of fake banana has not been mastered by science, and its facsimilie makes my back teeth ache with repulsion.

So it’s a bit nutty that I would bother trying the Strawberry Banana flavor of the Extra Fruit Sensations line, huh? These are the lengths I go to for my readers.

As I mentioned in a review of another flavor in this line, “Extra Fruit Sensations is one of the better fruit gums I’ve had recently, mostly because the flavor lasts a long time. Or at least, some of it does.”

This sentiment holds true for the strawberry banana version, as well. The immediaste flavor is that of strawberry banana yogurt – not too artificial at all! So far, so good. However, the strawberry flavors drop off within about 20 minutes, leaving you with a mild but fairly realistic banana flavor.

While this residual flavor is a pretty decent rendition of the banana flavor profile, it’s still not something I really like to chew for hours at a time. And, honestly, after about an hour, the flavor became a tiny bit chalky – like Maalox – and continuing to chew it made me seriously nauseous.

So, Wrigley scientists, thank you for making a believable banana flavor. However, please keep it our of my gum. Thank you.

Rating: ♦♦ out of ♦♦♦♦♦.